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Some attributes
First Species:


Second Gender:


Third Colors:

White, Grey, Black

Other attributes
Fourth Starting Location:

Cam 07

Fifth First Appearance:

Night 1

Sixth Appears in:

Project D.I. TGsEE & TBmHC

"Real suffering is not known. The sights of Hell bring its viewers back in."

— Suicidemouse.avi

Suicide Mouse is one of the Easter Eggs in Five Nights at Treasure Island. He is a normal Mickey Mouse suit, but colored in grayscale.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Mortimer Mouse bears a strong resemblance to the Mickey Mouse as first depicted in his early cartoons, as all of his colors are in grayscale and his features match the original cartoon Mickey Mouse. He walks around with his hands tucked behind his back, except for when he is in the Meat Freezer.

Behavior Edit

When Mortimer Mouse starts, the TV in the Broadcasting Room will turn on and Suicidemouse.avi will play. For now, a death animation does not currently exist for Suicide Mouse, but he can crash the player's game and will scream multiple times if he catches the player Hiding under the desk. When Mortimer Mouse Character Prep 1, the posters on the wall change to an image of his face, similar to the original Mickey Mouse cartoon intro and outro.

Locations Edit

Mortimer Mouse starts in the Broadcasting Room, and will eventually enter Character Prep 1, the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer, or The Office.

Future Updates Edit

Mortimer Mouse is confirmed by the game's creator, Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez to speak while active, and that his voice will be added in the future.

Bugs Edit

  • Mortimer Mouse's music will stop the phone call from Greg.
  • When he enters the Office, the only way to get rid of him is to hide under the desk. If the player manages to succeed, Suicide Mouse will scream at the player and then leave. However, he will not appear again for the rest of the night. His song will also not play for the rest of the night.

Trivia Edit

  • The pose Mortimer Mouse uses when he enters the Meat Freezer is a reference to the suicidemouse.avi mock-up video where Mortimer Mouse walks with his hands outstretched.
  • If the player manages to survive in-game for a long amount of time, Mortimer Mouse's full song will play, revealing that it will play the same moaning and screaming from the suicidemouse.avi video in-game. This can be seen in this video.
  • The television in the Broadcasting Room will remain on until Mortimer Mouse leaves the Office in Remastered 1.0.
  • It is possible for Mortimer Mouse to scream up to five times in Remastered 1.0 as seen in this video.
  • Mortimer Mouse was very active in Remastered 1.0 because his A.I. was being tested.
  • Mortimer Mouse will be voiced by Matthew.
  • Mortimer Mouse was removed from the "final version" of the game.
  • In Matthew's livestream teaser, Mortimer Mouse is a darker shade of the original Mickey Mouse, not grayscale.
  • Mortimer was originally called Suicide Mouse.
  • Mortimer was inspired by the creepypasat Suicidemouse.avi.